Minimum CIBIL Score Required For Personal Loan (2023)

As a personal loan is unsecured in nature, you don’t need to provide any collateral to the lender for availing it. However, lenders need to check your credit health and make sure you have the ability to repay the borrowed sum.

However, apart from the general eligibility criteria you that you will be required to fulfil, you will also need to have a good CIBIL score for your personal loan application to be approved.

How much CIBIL score required for personal loan?

A CIBIL score has a range between 300 and 900. You should ideally have a score that is closer to 900 as it helps you get better deals on loans and credit cards. Generally, a CIBIL score of 750 and above is considered as ideal cibil/credit score by majority of lenders. You can get a personal loan with a CIBIL of 750 and above. As per CIBIL data loans get approved if the score is more than 750.

Lenders need to be sure that you have the ability to repay the borrowed sum before they approve your loan application. Your credit score helps assess your risk of default. If you have a high score it suggests you have been a responsible borrower and paid your credit card bills and EMIs on time. A lower score increases your risk for defaulting on the loan.

Personal Loan With Low CIBIL Score Along With CIBIL Score Less Than 550

Most lenders will reject the personal loan application if your CIBIL score is less than 550. A low CIBIL score will indicate that you are not financially stable and will find it difficult to repay the loan. Few lenders do provide personal loans for a low credit score. However, the interest rates will be high. It is important that you check the terms and conditions and compare the charges and interest rates before availing the loan.

Factors Affecting CIBIL Score or CIBIL Credit Scores:

There are many factors that affect credit scores, either positively or negatively.

  • Factors that affect credit scores positively
    • Making timely payments towards credit cards.
    • Paying loan EMI’s on time.
    • Paying not just the minimum due but the entire outstanding balance.
  • Factors that affect credit scores negatively
    • Non-payment or late payment of credit card bills and loan EMIs
    • Maxing out credit cards or consistently using more than 75% of the credit limit.
    • Paying only the minimum due on credit cards; the remainder is still considered overdue.
    • Possessing too many lines of credit especially unsecured forms.

4 Surprising Ways Your Credit Score Impacts Your Loan

Your Credit Score plays a significant role to play in the approval of your loan application. Let's check your score for free in less than 3 minutes and understand its powers.

  1. Crucial Role
  2. When applying for a loan, your Credit Score is as important as your employment history, salary, and other eligibility factors. Make sure your score is at least above 750. 800 is a great number!

  3. Past Matters
  4. One of the parameters for a loan approval is the repayment history of the applicant. How do they find it? By checking your Credit Score. Good repayment history = good Credit Score.

  5. Loan With No or Low Credit Score?
  6. This may be possible but be prepared for a longer processing time as banks will put in some additional checks. Moreover, you might not always get the best deal.

  7. Error-Free Credit Report
  8. Sometimes errors can make their way into a spotless credit report and mar your lovely Credit Score. Give your report a glance before submitting your loan application to rule this out.

    Avoid trouble, you must! So let's check your Experian Credit Score for FREE! You read that right. We don't charge a rupee. Just click the link below and get started!

3 things you should do before applying for a loan

  • Check your CIBIL score:

    It is important to learn about your credit health before applying for a personal loan. You should check CIBIL score as it will give you an idea of where you stand in terms of your credit history and repayment. If your CIBIL score is low, you can take time to work on it and gradually increase it by taking the right measures.

  • Get your CIBIL report for free:

    You can visit the official website of CIBIL and claim your free report if you haven’t already this year. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) made it mandatory for all the credit bureaus in the country to offer one credit report for free per calendar year. In addition, you can also buy your CIBIL report for a one month, six months, and one year.

  • Browse and shortlist lenders:

    Once you have decided to take a personal loan, you will need to look for lenders that are offering good deals on their loans. It is better to browse for deals and select one that is most favourable to you. As a result of high competition, many banks are offering competitive interest rates on personal loans. Look out for the best deal that will offer you maximum benefits in terms of interest rate and tenure and fringe benefits such as processing fee waiver.

  • Apply only with a few lenders:

    After shortlisting lenders that are offering the loan suitable to your needs, you should apply only with a few lenders. You should be careful and avoid making multiple applications at the same time as this will trigger multiple hard inquiries. Several hard inquiries will have a negative effect on your CIBIL score.

How to Check Your CIBIL Score

CIBIL has provided for individuals to get their credit reports online. To apply for your credit score, just follow the following steps.

  • Go to the CIBIL website and open the application form.
  • Fill in the necessary details. These will be identifying information such as your name, ID details, date of birth etc.
  • Enter your contact details i.e. phone numbers and postal address.
  • Pay the nominal charge for the report.

Once you have completed all the formalities and made the relevant payments, CIBIL will get in touch with you and provide you with the CIBIL Score.

What if you don’t have a CIBIL score?

Your CIBIL score works like a report card for your credit status. It is calculated after taking into consideration several factors like credit history, repayment behaviour, and type of credit, among others. A long credit history makes it easier for lenders to take a sound decision about offering you a loan. However, if you don’t have a CIBIL score, the lenders will take into consideration other factors such as age, income, and job stability to evaluate your creditworthiness.

Having a CIBIL score makes it easier for you to get access to credit products. Here are a couple of ways in which you can start working on building a credit history:

  • You can apply for a secured credit card which is issued against a fixed deposit. You can use it just like a credit card and pay the bills on time to improve your CIBIL score.
  • Generally, companies have partnerships with banks for its employees. You are more likely to get approval on a credit card from a bank that has an existing relationship with the company you are working for. You can then use your credit card for a few months following which you will have a CIBIL score. Make sure you are paying the bills on time to get a good score.

It is important to note that lenders also look at other factors when approving or rejecting your personal loan application. A good CIBIL score alone isn’t enough to get approval on your loan.

A simple thing like a CIBIL score is all that could stand between you and your bank while availing a personal loan. Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult to maintain a good CIBIL score. All you have to do is be responsible with your money and manage your credit cards and loans properly.

Know here: How to improve your CIBIL Credit Score

5 Factors that can help improve a CIBIL score for a Personal Loan:

  1. Bank Balance: A good bank balance shows a person's capacity to repay a loan. This increases the chances of getting a loan approved.
  2. Good income source: A stable income shows that you are capable of repaying the loan. This has a positive impact when you apply for a loan even if you have a low CIBIL score.
  3. Guarantor: Having a guarantor with a good CIBIL score who will sign for you will increase your chances of getting a personal loan if you have a low CIBIL score.
  4. Reduce the quantum of loan: You may get a loan of a slightly lesser amount with maybe a higher rate of interest if you don't have a minimum CIBIL score for personal loan.
  5. Regular payments: Repaying outstanding dues, taxes and debts on time will help you build a better CIBIL score. This would take some time but would surely aid in getting a loan granted.

Know More in CIBIL:

  • CIBIL score for Axis Bank Personal Loan

    Member banks of credit information agency, CIBIL, stipulate credit scores as part of their loan eligibility criteria. A good credit rating gets you the best rates on unsecured loans. Do you know CIBIL Score for Axis Bank Personal Loan

  • CIBIL score for ICICI Bank Personal Loan

    If you need funds quickly, ICICI Bank is the place to go. Hassle-free disbursal, attractive interest rates and flexible repayment options all form part of the bank’s loan offerings. Do you have the right CIBIL Score for ICICI Bank Personal Loan

  • CIBIL score for HDFC Bank Personal Loan

    HDFC Bank is the preferred banking partner of thousands of loan seekers all across the country. If you want to a part of its personal loan community, you will need to have the required CIBIL Score for HDFC Bank Personal Loan

  • What is the minimum CIBIL score required for personal loan processing?

    Personal loans are granted by different banks based on different types of criteria. Most banks favor customers with a 700+ CIBIL score. However, in case of debt consolidation and balance transfer requests, banks may lower their CIBIL score criteria while compensating it with the interest charged from customer.

  • Can I apply for personal loan without having a CIBIL score?

    In case you do not have a CIBIL score then banks will be outright reluctant to entertain your personal loan request. For such customers the only options that remain would be to avail loan from a cooperative bank or a private lender or from some family member or friend. However, it is always advisable to build up a good credit score so that you do not need to go to private lenders and cooperative banks which do not guarantee any safety of your money. Customers with no credit score can also secure loans against any asset like gold jewellery or property.

  • How to apply for personal loan if I have a low CIBIL score?

    In case of low CIBIL score either customers can wait and improve their score before applying for credit or they can avail personal loans at a much higher rate of interest. However, the former is a much better choice than getting caught in the vicious circle of large amount of debt.

  • What is the maximum loan amount approved under a personal loan?

    The loan amount and duration for personal loans may differ depending on the lender and the borrower's repayment ability. The loan amount can start from as low as Rs. 10,000 and go up to Rs. 30,00,000.

  • What is the loan duration of a personal loan?

    As it is a short-term loan, the repayment options are flexible and can range from 12-60 months, depending on the lender and also on the borrower's credit history.

  • How is the rate of interest on a personal loan determined?

    The interest rates for a personal loan depend on factors such as the amount borrowed, the borrower's credit history, and the lender's policies. Therefore, it varies from borrower to borrower and lender to lender. To get an idea of the interest rates you are eligible for, you can check your CIBIL Score and Report on BankBazaar or myCIBIL. Participating banks may offer special interest rates and other features based on your CIBIL Score and other parameters.

  • Are there any charges or fees applied to personal loans?

    There are other fees and charges associated with a personal loan that borrowers should be aware of. Processing charges typically range from 2% to 3% of the loan amount and vary from lender to lender. In case you decide to prepay your loan before the loan tenure, you may be charged a prepayment fee of around 2% to 3%.

  • How long does it take for a personal loan to be approved?

    The time taken to sanction a personal loan may differ from one lender to another. It can range from as quick as 24 hours to as long as seven business days, depending on the borrower's credentials and the lender's processes.

  • What factors should I look out for while applying for a personal loan?

    It is essential to exercise caution while applying for a personal loan. Borrowing beyond your repayment capacity can lead to long-term financial difficulties and negatively impact your credit history and CIBIL Score. Personal loans typically have high-interest rates, so it is advisable to conduct thorough research and carefully evaluate the costs and benefits before choosing a loan.

  • FAQs

    Minimum CIBIL Score Required For Personal Loan? ›

    Generally, borrowers need a credit score of at least 610 to 640 to even qualify for a personal loan. To qualify for a lender's lowest interest rate, borrowers typically need a score of at least 690.

    What is the lowest CIBIL score for a personal loan? ›

    One of those criteria is the fact that your CIBIL score should be in the range that is considered to be healthy by most lenders. Your CIBIL score, which stays within the range of 300-900, should be equal to or above 750 for you to even stand a chance of getting approved for a personal loan by a lender.

    Can I get personal loan if my CIBIL score is 550? ›

    This score ranges between 300 and 900. The higher the score, the better the eligibility. Usually, a score of 550 to 600 is considered low and insufficient to meet the personal loan eligibility criteria. Therefore, availing of a personal loan with a CIBIL Score of 550 is difficult.

    What is the acceptable CIBIL score range for personal loan? ›

    CIBIL score range

    A CIBIL score of 750 or above in your credit report is ideal. It will aid in qualifying you for personal loans and credit cards. However, if your CIBIL score is below 685, you will find it harder to borrow funds from banks and NBFCs.

    What credit score do I need to get a $10000 personal loan? ›

    To increase your chance of qualifying for a $10,000 unsecured loan, you should have a credit score 600 or higher. Some lenders start their minimum credit score requirements at 600, however, there are some lenders that require a credit score in the high 600s or low 700s.

    Can I get a personal loan with a credit score of 625? ›

    Several personal loan lenders are willing to work with borrowers who have a fair credit score — generally meaning a FICO score between 580 and 669. Credible lender ratings are evaluated by our editorial team with the help of our loan operations team.

    Can I get loan if my CIBIL score is 600? ›

    Yes. Online lenders, such as moneyview offer loans to individuals with a 600 CIBIL score.

    Can I get a personal loan with a 582 credit score? ›

    You aren't likely to get a lender's best rates on a personal loan without a good credit score, but a FICO score of 582 should allow you to qualify for one. This is especially true when it comes to personal lending marketplace like Upstart that specialize in loans for consumers with less-than-perfect credit histories.

    Can I get a personal loan with a 497 credit score? ›

    Do You Qualify? Note: It may be possible to qualify for an unsecured credit card, personal loan, auto loan or home loan in rare cases, but the terms are unlikely to be worthwhile. If you apply for the average offer, you're more likely to be rejected than approved.

    What is the minimum CIBIL score for SBI personal loan? ›

    The minimum CIBIL Score for SBI Personal Loan is 750. The loan approval will be quick for candidates with a CIBIL Score of 750 and above with an advantage of lower interest rates and higher loan amounts.

    How much credit score required for HDFC personal loan? ›

    HDFC Bank prefers candidates with a credit score of 750 for a personal loan. However, the very minimum CIBIL score required for acquiring an HDFC bank personal loan is 700.

    What is the CIBIL score required for HDFC personal loan? ›

    There is no declared minimum CIBIL score for HDFC personal loan. However, HDFC Bank prefers applicants having a CIBIL Score of 750 and above as it denotes higher creditworthiness and less risk.

    What is the minimum CIBIL score required for HDFC personal loan? ›

    A. HDFC Bank prefers the applicants to have a credit score of 750 and above to be eligible for the personal loans of the bank. The very minimum CIBIL™ score required by the applicants to be considered for HDFC Bank personal loans is 700.

    What credit score do I need for 20k loan? ›

    Check Your Credit Score.

    However, when applying for a larger amount of $20,000 and up, you may need a higher score. A score of around 670 or more will increase your chances of being approved for a larger loan amount at the lowest rates available.

    Can I get a $5,000 personal loan with a 600 credit score? ›

    With FICO, fair or good credit scores fall within the ranges of 580 to 739, and with VantageScore, fair or good ranges between 601 to 780. Many personal loan lenders offer amounts starting around $3,000 to $5,000, but with Upgrade, you can apply for as little as $1,000 (and as much as $50,000).

    What credit score is needed for a $35000 personal loan? ›

    In order to qualify for a $35,000 loan, borrowers are generally required to have a credit score of at least 620. A good to excellent credit score not only gives you more options in terms of lenders, but it also improves your chances of approval and gives you access to the most flexible terms and lowest interest rates.

    Can I get a loan with 520 credit score? ›

    A 520 credit score personal loan can be a great way to get the money you need when you have bad credit. There are many lenders who are willing to work with people who have bad credit, and they can offer you very competitive rates.

    Can I get a loan with 500 credit score? ›

    Lenders may accept borrowers with a 500 credit score but expect you to meet additional criteria, such as a minimum income or employment history. Look into fees and interest rates. Ask about fees and interest rates you might pay if you get a loan.

    Can I get a personal loan with a 540 credit score? ›

    While it's possible to get a personal loan with credit score of 540, it's not always easy. Borrowers in this range may have to work a little harder to find a lender willing to work with them.

    Can I get a loan with a 560 credit score? ›

    A 560 credit score personal loan may be possible to obtain, but it will require some extra effort on your behalf. While it may be in your best interest to improve your credit score before applying for a loan, some lenders may be willing to work with you.


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